Thierry Lefort

Thierry Lefort 藝術家官網

藝術家個人簡介: 作品中許多直覺性的線條,源自於過去的東方文化的影響,成為後來創作的養分,並將外在的客觀世界重新組織建構,色調沉穩富有線條節奏的畫作,大面積平塗的色塊來鋪陳,加上明暗反差做對比,給人一種流暢俐落,風格裡具有樸實與厚重感,兼具優雅的一面。

Many of the intuitive lines in the works are derived from the influence of the Eastern culture in the past, become the nutrients of later creation, and reorganize the external objective world, the paintings with calm and rich lines, and the large-scale flat patches. To make a comparison, and to contrast with the contrast between light and dark, to give people a smooth and degenerate style, the style has a simple and heavy sense, and has an elegant side.

Thierry Lefort 曾在巴黎的各個畫廊展出,並贏得了無數獎項,包括:

  • Salon d`Automne Grand Palais des Champs-Elysees:Painting award,(法國秋季沙龍:繪畫獎),2018年
  • Gabriel Zendel award. Taylor Foundation. Salon d`Automne-Grand Palais(加布里埃爾·曾德爾獎,泰勒基金會),2018
  • Jury special mention at the Salon des Artistes Francais,(評審團特別提到沙龍藝術家), 2017年
  • French Landscape Painters award: French Artists Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris,(法國風景畫家獎:法國藝術家大展 Palais在巴黎), 2014年
  • Versailles Gallery award : 148th Versailles Art Exhibition,(凡爾賽畫廊獎:第148屆凡爾賽藝術展覽)
  • Andreʼ Joseph Dutruel award: National Art Exhibition (Andre’Joseph Dutruel獎:國家藝術展覽)
  • Taylor Grand award : French Painters Exhibition at the Grand Palais. (泰勒大獎:法國大皇宮畫家展), 2011